Shush UpsyAcoustic Screens

Our Shush Upsy™ Acoustic Screen is a sound absorbing screen range designed to control echo and reverberation in areas with hard surfaces. Our Shush Upsy™ Acoustic Screen range improves the quality of the environment due to the products ability to absorb echo and reverberation.

With elegant designs, you are able to create a very modern and contemporary office environment.

Our Shush Upsy™ Acoustic Screen is designed to achieve excellent acoustic performance without sacrificing on style. The Shush UpsyTM Acoustic Screen is designed to absorb sound and enables to achieve the optimum level of acoustic comfort, prevent echo and reverberation and ensures enhanced speech intelligibility. Shush Upsy™ are designed to absorb sound from the front and the back surface which enables and achieves the highest performance in sound absorption.

The screens are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes and are manufactured from a Polyester core board. The 12mm thick Stands are available in a range of 16 colours. The screen can be easily moved and are free standing.

Shush Upsy Brochure
Shush Upsy Brochure