Shush Impacta Impact Resistant Panel

Shush Impacta™ – Acoustic Wall Panels are designed to provide excellent sound absorption performance and are perfect for controlling reverberation time and reduce echo in public buildings. The fabric & core board is developed to withstand impact in sports halls and other similar areas.

Shush Impacta™ Acoustic Wall Panels offer an impact resistant surface for areas where an element of impact resistance and durability is required. Shush Impacta™ Acoustic Wall Panel is a rigid and durable acoustic panel manufactured from recycled fiberglass. The panels are used in sports halls, gymnastic halls, schools, leisure centres, universities, theatres, concert halls, hospitals, libraries, restaurants, hotels, and other areas where sound absorption is required.

Advantages of Shush Impacta:

  • Impact Resistant
  • Outstanding sound absorption performance – Class A and Class C
  • Easy installation method
  • Over 63 standard fabric colours available
  • Very quick availability
Impact Resistance Acoustic Wall Panels Brochure
Shush Impacta Brochure
Acoustic Panels Colour Brochure
Shush Impacta Colour Chart