Shush Rebound Impact Resistant Panel

Shush Rebound™ acoustic panels offer high impact resistance suitable for areas where an element of impact resistance and durability is required. Shush Rebound™ acoustic panels are rigid, durable acoustic panels manufactured from recycled glass. They can be pigmented or treated with a range of colours to suit your individual requirements.

The panels are finished with a bevel edge. Shush Rebound™ is used extensively in sports halls to meet BB93 requirements.

Shush Rebound™ acoustic panels are extensively used in areas where high durability and impact resistance
is required. The panels are used in schools, leisure centres, universities, theatres, concert halls, hospitals, libraries
restaurants, hotels and other areas where sound absorption is required.

Advantages of ShushRebound™ Impact Resistant Panels:

  • High Sound Absorption
  • Impact resistant and Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Non combustible
  • Non fibrous
  • Long life span
  • Easy installation
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Shush Rebound Brochure