Shush Photo Decorative Acoustic Panels

Shush Photo decorative acoustic panels are sound absorbing panels with an upholstered image applied to the face. These can create a stunning effect to any room where there is a reverberation issue. The photo or art can change a standard absorption panel into a personal piece of artwork limited only by your imagination. The photo is printed on to specially selected open weave fabric which allows the sound to pass through the fabric and into the sound absorbing panel.

Shush Photo panels are a creative yet functional way to make your area unique.  

We provide a library of images from which you are able to choose very high definition images.  You are  able to access the image library on

Choose any image from this library and provide us the reference number and we will be able to print this on to the acoustic fabric. This library of photos are all high resolution images which do not lose clarity when enlarged. You are also able to provide us your own high resolution photos which are of high resolution which then can be applied to the sound absorbing panel. A landscape image should be selected for a landscape panel and a portrait image for a portrait panel.

Shush Photo acoustic panels are extensively used in offices, restaurants, schools, community halls etc. You are able to have a combination of small and large panels on the wall to create a feature.

The panels are easy to install with a contact adhesive or for removable panels, with a simple wall spiral hook system. Shush Photo panels can also be used as hanging rafts from the ceilings with a suspension kit which is provided by us.

For an example please view our London Restaurant Project and our Manchester Restaurant.

Decorative acoustic panels brochure for sound absorption
Shush Photo Brochure