Shush Pearl Acoustic Designer Tiles

Shush Pearl designer acoustic wall tiles are soft fabric shaped tiles and panels which create a feature on the wall and offer excellent acoustic properties. The tiles enhance the environment and create an acoustically good environment. The rounded edges on the Shush Pearl designer panels create a very contemporary visual effect to any environment where they are fitted.

The decorative panels are available in unique shapes, colours and material. They are easily installed by using spray on adhesive. Shush Pearl is manufactured from Polyether foam and fabricated in range of fabric colours.

These decorative acoustic tile panels are extensively used in offices, restaurants, homes, showrooms etc. The tile shapes can be mixed to create a feature along with combining different colours. We have assembled a few groups from which you can choose from or you can select each shape to create your own design. The design thought can be endless.

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Shush Pearl Brochure