Shush Screen Acoustic Free Standing Screen Panels

Shush Screen acoustic screen panels are designed to transform and separate work spaces to give multiple users their own individual privacy. With the huge level of city growth in recent years, more and more buildings are being transformed into office space wherever possible, which can take place in buildings not specifically built for that purpose. With the busy office environment, the Shush Screen acoustic screens provide sound absorbing solution and help absorb the sound being reflected around the area of work.

Shush Screens are movable free-standing screens which are available in over 100 fabric colours. They stand on T-Feet or casters and can be moved easily. The screens can be linked to create a cellular office combination if desired.

The Shush Screen creates an acoustic shadow which could be described as the closer and higher the screen is to the source of the sound, the greater the sound will be absorbed and reflected to the nearest working colleagues.

Acoustic Shush Screen Brochure
Shush Screen Brochure