Shush Baffle Suspended Acoustic Baffles

The Shush Baffle is designed for ceiling vertical suspension in loud areas that require reduction in echo to produce more favourable room acoustics. The Shush Baffle can create a ceiling into a wonderful and beautiful feature with rectangular baffles. The Shush Baffle is a very effective and cost effective alternative suspended ceiling tiles and allow air flow and flexible lighting arrangements.

With Class A acoustic performance which meets BB93 standards, the baffles can be manufactured to the size required. With the options of various colours, a design feature can be implemented for aesthetic purposes.

The acoustic baffles come with the hanging kits which are included with the baffles. Sound absorption baffles are designed to suspend vertically in rows and columns spread across the expanse of the ceiling.

Sound absorbing vertical baffles are used in areas sound absorbing ceilings do not provide enough absorption.

With the use of the vertical baffles, the area in concern will be acoustically improved as well as the visual appearance of the area.

;Acoustic Baffle Panels Brochure
Shush Baffle Brochure